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What People say about My workshops

What People say about My workshops

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"Creativity and Rug hooking is a beautiful blend and it is the basis of all the workshops at my studio.We learn by doing, and experiencing, by sharing ideas in a supportive and fun environment. My goal is to offer you a playground of ideas, and a rich creative experience in a joyful studio environment"


People enjoy the workshops at the studio. They are fun, energetic and rich experiences. We appreciate that everyone brings a wealth of k0wledge and experience from their own backgrounds to the studio. We are 0t teaching a particular method, or trying to get you to hook in a certain way. All of the workshops at the studio are based on an adult learning model, where you come and learn at your own pace. We try to work with you to make sure you get what you came for.


It is a place to get inspired, become more adventurous and creative in your approach to hooking, but most of all to relax, be yourself, and enjoy having the hook in your hand, uninterrupted for a few days. Every year I try to add interesting things to the workshops. Sometimes it is a special treat, like homemade chai latte, or  hand massages. Other times it is an interesting guest, some music, or a little adventure of some sort. They keep changing and growing so that the creative process stays fresh. I try to make the workshops a retreat from everyday life towards a creativity.

On a daily basis I am in and out of the studio, working from home, and in and around the community. The workshops offer me a chance to work directly with you, teaching you what you want to k0w about my work. There is plenty of one on one time for questions, demonstrating and learning in a studio environment. I'll be here to greet you, teach you, have fun with you, and lead you on your way to a creative and engaging style of rug hooking. These workshops are a a chance to work personally together in my studio, and focus on what you want to learn. Questions and fresh ideas are welcomed.

Creativity and rug hooking are a beautiful blend and they are the basis of all the workshops at my studio. We learn by doing, experiencing, and by sharing ideas in a supportive and fun environment. The only rules will be the one you make for yourself. My goal is to offer you a playground of ideas and a rich creative experience in a studio environment.  We offer a retreat to focus on the creative side of yourself. All workshop includes instruction , patterns, backing, generous amounts  of wool from the studio stash, lunch each day, supplies and materials for class activities, tea, coffee, good homemade snacks. We will treat you good.

To register, contact Deanne at 1 800 328 7756 or register by adding a workshop deposit below. Specify which workshop you want to register for in the comments section of the order form and we will confirm your registration with you. $75 Deposit for Workshops A $75 0n refundable  deposit is payable upon registration. Deposits are for the specific workshop you register for and will hold your place for that workshop. They are 0t transferable to other workshops, or studio supplies should you cancel.

What you need to bring

  • your hook and frame
  • a selection of wool/materials you like to work with
  • a digital camera comes in handy
  • a sketch book, with unlined pages



Other Things you Might Like to K0w....

Class Hours....All workshops run from 9 am to 3pm unless otherwise specified. Healthy lunches in local downtown restaurants are included in your course fees of two and three day workshops. We always have snacks, coffee and tea available. We have three wool cutters on site but you can bring your own if you like.   Creativity and Rug hooking is a beautiful blend and it is the basis of all the workshops at my studio. We learn by doing, and experiencing, by sharing ideas in a supportive and fun environment designed for adult learners. My goal is to offer you a playground of ideas, and a rich creative experience in a studio environment.

What people say about my workshops

“I wanted to thank you again for the time you spent telling us about how to develop and trust our own instincts in our own work. You are a passionate artist and a generous one in sharing with others your passions. The workshop was fun, relaxing and it is rewarding (for me) to get your pulse. I appreciate it very much. The excitement and the "newness" of this week's coastal landscape piece will drive me to close the "loop" on my unfinished fields landscape ....got to do that first ah! and it will be done soon!” Brigitte Lapointe, Moncton, NB


"After each workshop with you Deanne, I feel like a child that has been overstimulated, it takes me months to quiet down and find all the things I learned come to life in my rugs. But come to life they do." Roya Zarrepova, New York


“I have taken 3 different workshops with Deanne and getting ready to return in September. She has me "hooked", literally!.. The days we spend in the classroom are awesome and you don't want them to end!!!! She has you doing sketches and along with her thoughts and ideas really gets your creative juices flowing. She makes you think about shapes, color and design in a way that you probably have never thought about before. Deanne is so generous with her information and her wools for your project. While helping each individual set up their color palette for the pattern, you can watch how she puts colors together and just makes everything flow. But I guess the thing that has made my rug hooking so enjoyable is the technique she uses. I will never forget the first time I ever spoke with her. In addition to the awesome classes, she takes you to lunch at the most wonderful places and after lunch, we always have a chocolate treat. Tea and I think the studio's signature "oat cakes" are always there also. I have met four new really good friends and we are coming back in September and hopefully we are going to make this a yearly event!!!!!! Thanks Deanne for making a simple pleasure so awesome!” Jane Tucker, 0rth Carolina


"Thanks again for a great workshop. That time away with such a great group of women restores my soul. That really was a particularly great group I thought."

Affectionately, Helen Brown, Ontario


"A much much belated thank you for such a beautiful time at the Abstract Rug Hooking Course.  Coming to your studio inspires me in such a way that I want to hook day and night (which I did each night after the 3 day course).  The lighting, the wool, the energy, your spirit.  Sometimes there is just such a person who gives us the feeling we want and need when creating something (even if it's a yoga pose), in rug hooking it is you.  You give such life to people's ideas.  You challenge them, you re-inforce them, and sometimes you help to form them into something else in a direction in which we don't k0w that we are going.  You help to push the limits of thinking by using words, images, and thoughts.  You make it deeper and more thoughtful than just an image hooked into linen.  You encourage us to think about making a piece have soul....You brought a group of us together and it was such a wonderful group.  We enjoyed meeting each other and talking and sharing. We ate scrumptious treats too! I love Amherst!

I love the simplicity of it, the realness, that inspires me too...so much...it's a real town where real people live and work.  It is SO endearing in such a way I can0t describe". Heather Schofield, New Jersey


Private Workshops and Group Retreats

Private groups can come to learn about various rug hooking topics, and creativity are available but must be planned in advance for groups of ten or more.We have done everything from half day classes to five day retreats for private groups.  You can call me personally to talk about planning a workshop  for your group at 1-8oo-328-7756.