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Wild With Style Online Tutorial

Wild With Style Online Tutorial

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I am excited to bring you the next level of the Wild With Wool Course series: Wild With Style. In this course we are going to explore the nature of style in rug hooking and consider how do you develop your own recognizable style.

Style is iconic. Style revolutionizes the way we see things. Style is easy to see.

But style is hard to define in our own work. This course is designed to help you hook rugs that reflect your personal  style and experience. I want to help you make your rugs look like your own.

Throughout the course of this five week workshop we will explore the elements of style in design and in rug hooking. I have designed a series of lessons, videos, and activities that will get us thinking about and acting upon creating style in our hooked rugs.

The focus of this course will be to get you design and hook your own rugs in your own personal style. I want you to work on making your rugs as much a reflection of yourself as you possibly can.

There are over 10 Mini-Lessons that include video, audio clips, photos and more. When you purchase this Online Tutorial you will be sent a link to the course website along with a unique username and password to access the course content. You will always have access to the content, your access will never expire.

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