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Words and Waves Package - Wow! Over 50$ savings - 24" x 24" pattern

Words and Waves Package - Wow! Over 50$ savings - 24" x 24" pattern

Price (CAD):$249.00
Part Number:1313
This package includes the online workshop, 24" x 24" pattern on linen and all four bundles.  Please keep in mind the bundles are not intended to complete the rug.

Wow! Over 50$ savings


When and where is the class?
This class is an online class and can be accesses anywhere in the world at anytime as long as you have high speed internet.
The course. This is the only time this year that this class will be offered. You can purchase it now and you can do it anytime this year. Access to the  material will be yours to keep to use whenever you want.

I have never taken an online course before . How do I do it?
At www.hookingrugs.com, my website there is a link for online learning in the menu bar across the top. On the drop down menu you will find a login for the course once it begins on February 14. You simply login to there with your private username and password that we will send you in an email. There you can se the lessons  two times a week as they become available. You can login anytime from anywhere to learn with me?

How do I access course materials? 
You simply login to the course under the online learning tab at www.hookingrugs.com

Will I be able to see others work and talk to others in the course?
For the first time we will be offering a private Facebook group for Words and Waves where you an chat with other members , see their process and show your own.

Will I be able to ask Deanne Questions?
Yes you can email Deanne your questions and we will answer them each week in the next lesson. She will be monitoring the Facebook group so you can post questions there as well.

What materials will I need?
You will need hook, frame, wool, yarn, and a pattern. All materials are available in bundles on the website.

How much is the class?
Class prices range from $49 to $249 for a complete package.

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